Ungodliness / Worldliness

The Problem of Worldliness - (Audio / PowerPoint)

The Sin of Fornication- (Audio / PowerPoint)

The Sin of Lasciviousness- (Audio / PowerPoint)

The Sin of Stealing- (Audio / PowerPoint)

The Sin of Dishonesty- (Audio / PowerPoint)

The Sin of Immodesty- (Audio / PowerPoint)

The Sin of Homosexuality- (Audio / PowerPoint)

Is Gambling A Sin?- (Audio / PowerPoint)

Television, Movies, Music,Internet & Video Games- (Audio / PowerPoint)

Abortion - A Nation Polluted With Blood- (Audio / PowerPoint)

Other Lessons:

“Is God’s Judgment Coming To America?" - (Isaiah 3:1-12) —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 05/08/2016

“What Selfishness Looks Like" -On some level we all deal with selfishness, but there is no room for selfishness in the life of the devoted Christian. Selfishness is the fountainhead of all sin, and is the root of every troubled relationship. Self-centered people refuse to see the damage they are doing to themselves and others. We are called to surrender our life to Christ - our“self-will” must be conquered and destroyed, and “not my will, but God’s be done.” Every thought is to brought into obedience to Christ! We need to recognize the various ways selfishness manifests itself so we can attack and eliminate it.-MP3/KEYNOTE/PPT/PDF-(10/27/2013)

(Audio/PowerPoint) -The Sad Case of Vanishing Values

(Audio/PowerPoint) -Give Me That 'Show Time' Religion

(Audio/PowerPoint) -Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say

(Audio/PowerPoint) -Some Fools of The Bible

(Audio/PowerPoint) -Some More Fools of The Bible

(Audio/PowerPoint) -Put Off The Old Man With His Deeds - (Col. 3:5-9)

(Audio/PowerPoint) -The Language of Ashdod

(Audio/PowerPoint) -What Sin Is & What Sin Is Not

(Audio/PowerPoint) -The Gospel of Greed

(Audio/PowerPoint) -The Sin of Hypocrisy & Its Consequences

(Audio MP3/Power Point/PDF) -Letting Go Of Anger

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