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West 65th St. church of Christ

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May 22, 2016

“Modest Apparel" - (Do These Clothes Make Me Look GODLY?) Does The Bible Give Guidelines On How Christians Should Dress? Yes it does. —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 05/22/2016

Other Recent Lessons

“What Is God’s Purpose For My Life?" - (Selected Scriptures)— The godly person desires to please God, to know His will, and will strive to fulfill God’s purpose for them. The question is, what is that purpose?Many have false concepts when it comes to this subject, so we examine a few of them. So what is the Biblical answer to the question?Join us as we study the scriptures so we can KNOW what God’s purpose for our life is? —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 05/15/2016

“Lessons From The Life of Elijah" -[His boldness, his faithfulness, his struggles] - (1 Kings 17:1-2 Kings 2:11) —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 05/15/2016

“5 Things That Will Keep Many Out of Heaven" - (Matthew 7:21-23) - 1)False words, [It’s Not What You Claim, But What You Do!] — 2)False faith[It’s Not How Much You Believe, But What You Believe!] — 3)False hope[It is NOT what you THINK, but what is REAL] —4)False knowledge[It is NOT what you think, but what is TRUE] -- 5)False practice[It is NOT what you know, but what you DO] —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 05/08/2016

“Is God’s Judgment Coming To America?" - (Isaiah 3:1-12) —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 05/08/2016

“The Demands of Grace”- (Titus 2:1-15) - There are few, if any, Bible doctrines abused and perverted more than the doctrine of grace. Join us as we examine what the Bible actually teaches about the“grace of God.” Any teaching about grace that diminishes the authority of Christ and the essentiality of our obedience to Him is a perversion of the truth. Grace does NOT give the Christian a license to sin or live any way he wishes. Grace has demands. Grace demands faith in Jesus, repentance toward Jesus and obedience to Jesus. -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 04/24/2016

“God Is Calling Yet"-(Joel 2) - God called Judah to“Turn to Me with all your heart With fasting, with weeping, and with mourning.” The urgency, nature, expression, & extent of the repentance God demanded from themis also demanded from any and all who will come to Him in Christ. Only when we repent can we have hope.-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 04/17/2016

“Three Men & A Bible"-Lessons From The Book of Third John.The Commendation of Gaius - (1-8) /Condemnation of Diotrephes - (9-10) /The confirmationof Demetrius - (12) /Lessons:The importance of our influence & example …Christians Are Not Always What They Should Be…The "Spirit Of Diotrephes” is TOO often allowed to Reign…The Importance of Supporting Gospel Preachers…We are either benefitting the kingdom & the truth or damaging its effectiveness by our words & deeds!-(no audio available) -PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 04/17/2016

“Being United In A Divisive World”- (James 3:14-4:10) - One of Satan’s most effective weapons is DIVISION. Since sin first entered the world, division has existed - and will continue to exist, even in eternity. Many recognize the value of“unity,” and seek to unite humanity by attempting to dismiss absolutes, such as the very existance of God and Satan, the reality of truth and error, sin and righteousness, moral and immoral, etc. In this lesson we will demonstrate the reality of the problem / why the problem exists / the necessity of division / and the ONLY provision & basis upon which unity with God & man can be achieved. -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 04/10/2016

“Being United In The Body of Christ”-(Ephesians 4:1-16) - Jesus prayed for unity among all who believe in Him. Most believers recognize that division among Christians is a reality, and that it should not exist, however, many attempt to justify division, or dismiss theproblem as not being a big deal. Others attempt to solve the problem by watering down the gospel into a few“essentials” and in turn dismiss many things the Lord demands of those who believe in Him. The real issue is how to solve the problem - How can believers in Christ truly be united? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 04/10/2016

“Spiritual Warfare - Overcoming The Enemy of Our Souls”-(Ephesians 4:17-6:18) -We have a real enemy - we are at war! Are we using what God provides that we may be victorious? If we are we will be victorious! If we are not - we will be defeated. -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 04/03/2016

“The Need For Self Control”-(1 Corinthians 9:24-27; 1 Pet 1:13-24) -How important is self control in the life of the Christian? Where does self control come from and how can I learn it? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 03/27/2016

“God’s Son, Our Anointed King - Psalm 2”-The Rebellious Nations - 2:1-3 /God’s Response & Judgment - 2:4-5 / God’s Decree & Empowerment of His Son - 2:6-9 /Our Obligation & God’s Invitation - 2:10-12 -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 03/20/2016

“Will Jesus Reign For A Literal 1,000 years On This Earth?”-(A Defense of Biblical Eschatology) - A study of the prophecies of Jesus reigning and Revelation 20:1-13 - The Bible does NOT teach that Jesus will return to this earth and set up His kingdom on theeast. Te Bible teaches Jesus is reigning now.- MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 03/20/2016

“The Lost In God’s House”- Zechariah Smith - Part 1MP3/Part 2MP3 - 03/13/2016

“Little Things Matter”-The Impact of Faithful Service In Small Things -(2 Kings 5:1-27; Luke 16:10-13) -Almost without exception, the greatest contribution to the success of any endeavor is due to little things and ordinary people.The principle works two ways - Small things have great power both for evil and good, both “sin” & “righteousness.” Join us as we see an amazing example of this principle as well as ways we can benefit from it. -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 03/6/2016

“Some Things Money Cannot Buy”-(Matthew 6:19-33; Acts 18:14-24; 1 Peter 1:18,19) There are many who are so poor all they have is money! The truth is, we are truly wealthy ONLY if we are rich in things money cannot buy, i.e., spiritual things! -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 02/28/2016

“Times, They Are Changing”-(The State & Direction of Modern "Professed Christianity") How should We Respond? - (2 Tim 3:1-5; 4:1-5)- MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 02/21/2016

“The Last Trump”- (A Defense of Biblical Eschatology) Do the prophecies & signs of Daniel 9:24-27 & Matthew 24:1-34 refer to events historical or future? What is/was the abomination of desolation spoken of by "Daniel the prophet?” Examine with us the evidence which clearly show these prophecies & signs pointing to the destruction of Jerusalem - which occurred in 70AD & do not point to future events.-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 02/21/2016

“What Is Your Life Choice?”-(There Are But Two) - (Psalm 1:1-6)- Are we godly or ungodly? We Are Free To Choose, But We Are Not Free From The Consequences of Our Choice. Our attitude towards God’s word will determine our condition before God, our quality of life & if we stand or perish in God’s judgment. How can I improve MY ATTITUDE toward God’s word?How can I increase MY HUNGER & THIRST for God’s word?How can God’s word change MY LIFE that I glorify & honor Him? - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 02/14/2016

“Without Wax - Being Sincere" -(Without Hypocrisy, Being True, Genuine, Honest) -- [Phili 1:10-18] - We often hear others say,“As long as we are sincere, that’s all that really matters.” - Is this true? Does being sincerely wrong make one right? What is sincerity? Are we REALLY sincere? If one is truly sincere, how will they respond to the truth?- MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 02/07/2016

“The Baptism That Saves -[Mark 16:16; 1 Peter 3:21] - What does the term baptism mean? To what does it refer in the various passages where it is found in the New Testament? What is the baptism of the great commission? What is the one baptism to which Paul refers in Ephesians 4:5? How does baptism“ ave us?” These are some of the questions we will seek to give Bible answers to in this lesson. - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 01/17/2016

“Biblical Satanism” -[John 8:44] - Could you be a“Satanist” and not know it? What does it take to be a follower of Satan? What does it take to escape Satan’s grasp? - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 01/10/2016

“God Isn’t Fixing It” -[Revelation 13:1-10] -Why doesn't God fix the problem of violence in our society?- Join us as we examine the Bible answer to this question. Spoiler alert - God will fix it in HIS time! - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 12/13/2015

“The Value of Guilt” -[1 Timothy 1:12-17; Psalm 51:1-17] - What role does‘guilt' have in our lives? How should we deal with ourguilt? Even after we have been forgiven of our sins - and our guilt before God is removed, our past sinfulness still has and effect on us - what effect does it have in your life? - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/29/2015

“OvercomingDisappointment, Frustration & Discouragement”-[1 Kings 19:1-18; Hebrews 12:1-5,12-15] -Disappointments & frustrations are a part of life & becoming discouraged is something every Christian experiences. - Why do we become discouraged? What perspective is needed? What qualities & characteristics must I develop within myself? What are some practical steps to take that will help guard my heart from becoming discouraged?Is It Possible I Am The One Who Needs To Change? This is a lesson most all of us can benefit from – I pray that it is an encouragement to you. - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/22/2015

“What Dose The Bible Say About That?”-[Selected passages] - Our understanding of the Bible is not so much dependant upon ourintellect, or intelligence, but rather our humility - upon our willingness to believe and obey that which God has revealed. This lesson focuses on some plain, straitforward passages illustrating this truth - e.g., What does the Bible say about religious division? or women being in positions of church leadership? What does the Bible say about the church and recreation and entertainment? What does the Bible say about marriage, divorce and remarriage? When someone does me wrong, how should I handle it according to the Bible? Is salvation by faith only according to the Bible? Is baptism essential for salvation acording to the Bible? - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/15/2015

“The Walking Dead”-[[Ephesians 2:1-10; Luke 9:60; 1 Timothy 5:6; 1 Peter 4:6] - A popular craze today is that of “zombies.” - but no, this lesson is not about zombies like you've seen on TV. This lesson is about the real, and very sad condition of many who are living in this world without Christ. Those out of fellowship with Christ are spiritually dead, most not knowing they are lost - on the road to being eternally seperated from God in hell. What are some dangers, or threats, to our spiritual health, that can kill us spiritually? What are some symptoms that indicate I am heading towards spiritual death? - Will we choose life or death? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/8/2015

“The Perfect Family" -[Colossians 3:18-21; Deuteronomy 6:4-9] -The “FAMILY,” as God designed it, is under attack! In fact - I would argue our current moral CRISIS in this country is due to the current disrespect for God’s divine pattern for the home, and the overall lack of godly families. - - - It is very true that families are comprised of imperfect people -To properly & successfully address & overcome any problem - we must appeal to God’s word & FOLLOW IT! - - -When God comes first in the heart of every family member - the family will be as God designed it! - - - OH, how we NEED GODLY HOMES!–MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 10/11/2015

“What Modern Day Idolatry Looks Like”-[Romans 1:18-25] -Idolatry is the dethroning of the One True God in our heart & replacing Him with ANYTHING or ANYONE else! Our culture is just as guilty of idolatry as anypagan culturementioned in the Bible. However - this lesson has to do with idolatry in a different lightthan whatmost of us would think. I want to submit to you that much of what is commonly called “Christianity” in our culture is not only very dissimilar to biblical Christianity, but is actually a form of idolatry. Please view the charts and listen to this lesson and see why this is the case. -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 9/6/2015

“Can We Do A Thing Which God Has NOT Instructed Us To Do By Faith?" -[The Principle of Submission - Seeking Permission For All We Believe Teach & Practice] -All we do in our service to God has its source of permission, or authority. Either God has instructed us through His word to believe & do a thing or man has taken theinitiative to authorize the thing believed or done. Which can be done by faith? - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 7/12/2015

“Is The Church of CHRIST A Biblical Church?”-[A Biblical Understanding of The Church Jesus Built] - Is the church of Christ a denomination? What is denominationalism? Is denominationalism pleasing to God? What is the CURE for division (denominationalism)? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 5/31/2015

“This Is NOT A Salvation Issue! ... OR IS IT?”-[1 Corinthians 6:9-10; Revelation 21:8; Matthew 7:21-23; 2 John 9,10; Romans 14] -A salvation issue is usually defined as something for which a person will go to hell if he persists in and does not repent.Often times when we have a scripture or topic come up that we have a disagreement with someone about - we might say that “it’s not a salvation issue so there’s no reason to discuss it.” - What exactly is and is not a salvation issue? -How do we know what is and is not a salvation issue? -And just as importantly, why do we feel qualified to say that something is not a salvation issue? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 5/24/2015

“The Lord’s church in an 'Experience Driven Culture'”-[John 6:60-69] -As churches decline in membership, they begin to compromise to sustain numbers - Many churches have adopted the "market driven" approach – i.e., Find out what people want and give it to them - WHAT EVER THAT IS!—Many churches of Christ are doing the same things!Can the church fight apathy and materialism by feeding people's carnal appetites?Has the word of God lost it’s power & effectiveness? What should the churches response be to the populace and its increasing hunger for an “experience” & disinterest in the truth? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 5/17/2015

“Saved Like Noah"-[Baptism also now saves us … 1 Peter 3:18-22] - Many strive to explain the apostle Peter’s words in the above text in ways that negate that which he affirms. This study is a detailed examination of this text—1) what is meant by the type / antitype construction of verses 20 and 21? —2) What does Peter mean when he says,“baptism also now saves us?”—3) What is the meaning of the parenthetical phrase "(not the removal of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God)? - I realize many may disagree with the conclusions we have reached, but I pray that all will prayerfully and sincerely consider this study and accept that which is the truth. (If anyone has any questions about this lesson, or other materials on this site - please contact me - DM) -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 4/23/2015

“Profanity - It Is A Big Deal!”-Disrespecting That Which Is Holy Is A Serious Matter - Profanity involes more than the things we may say - We can be guilty of profane speech - profane worship & profane behavior. -- God demands we respect His person, His word, & His institutions!We can ONLY honor God by faithfully serving & obeying Him!-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 2/1/2015

“Fellowship In Matters of Judgment"-(Romans 14:1-15:7) - [The Realm of Liberty Should Not Be A Warzone] -Romans 14 has been grossly abused by those teaching or defending error . . . Romans 14 teaches the need for tolerance & Forbearance with brethren who differ in matters of indifference to God . . .Attempts to put sinful practices & false doctrine in Romans 14 violates Text & Context. - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF-1/25/2015

“Fellowship - Basis, Nature & Limit"-[1 John 1:1-10] -The basis for“Fellowship”is the “TRUTH.” When we depart from the truth – we set in motion that which will destroy our fellowship with God & each other -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF-1/11/2015

“What God Has Joined Together, Let Not Man Separate”- (Mat. 19:6) - / Scripturally Married Husband & Wife /Christ & His Church & His Teaching / Faith & Works of Obedience / Grace & Law of Christ / Spirit / Love & Obedience To God / Christ / Scriptural Baptism & Salvation / Spirit & Truth In Worship & Service / Faithfulness & Eternal Life /Unbelief (Disobedience) & Condemnation -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/23/2014

“David’s Oxcart & Uzzah’s Error"-[2 Samuel 6:1-11; 1 Chronicles 13:1-14] -David’s attempt to move the ark to Jerusalem was unsuccessful - Uzzah loses his life - David is afraid of the Lord . . .What did David do wrong?What did David learn?How could David accomplish his desire & please God? What are some crucial lessons we NEED to learn from this tragic event? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 10/5/2014

Can We Trust The Text of The New Testament?”- [The Reliability of The New Testament Text] -Has The NT Text Been Corrupted?Can we know that the NT we have is the same as it was when written?Historically there have been MANY enemies of the scriptures. The onslaught has escalated in our day. With the aid of technology,skeptics have saturated academia & the internet with false & skewed information. With the growing militance of the modern skeptic, and the rise of atheism & agnosticism, this kind of study is crucial - especially for younger people who have yet to develop a strong faith in God & His word.-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 8/31/2014

“Identifying A Scriptural Local Church"- (Selected Scriptures)- Far too many fail to make this their primary criteria when looking for a congregation to worship & work with. A scriptural local church can be identified because it follows the New Testament pattern. In order to identify a scriptural church, we MUSTsearch the scriptures that we may know what the NT church looks like. - What was it called? What did it teach? How was it organized? How did it worship? What did it practice?-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 4/13/2014

“Divine Providence In The Life of Todays Christian"- (Selected Scriptures)-Problems are a part of life and how one handles these problems is related to his view of God. Believing in divine providence helps one to cope with the vicissitudes of life.The word itself never appears in Holy Scripture in reference to God, (Acts 24:1), but the concept is found Throughout the Bible. This lesson examines what the Bible teaches about this important subject. -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 3/9/2014

“Worshipping God In Spirit & In Truth”- (John 4:19-26)- What does Jesus mean when he says,“those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth?”Most suggest that it means,“with the right attitude and proper form.” Whie this is true - I want to suggest that there is more involved in the meaning than this.-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 1/26/2014

“Godly Living In Perilous Times"- (2 Timothy 1:3-4:18)-Can any Bible believer doubt that we are living in perilous times? Atheism, Agnosticism, Postmodernism, Pragmatism, Worldliness, False Doctrine & Division are all on the rise! Let us consider seven exhortations from Paul which will help and encourage us to be faithful! -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 1/12/2014

"Why Does God Allow Christians To Suffer?"-The unbelieving critic often asks this question as an argument against God: “Why would a God who is all-good & loving, all-knowing, and all-powerful allow bad things to happen to good people?” However, the question may also be asked in sincerity: “How could God let this happen to me and to mine, why would God not stop this pain and help me?” This lesson examines the question and gives scriptural answers -MP3/KEYNOTE/PPT/PDF-(8/18/2013)

"Church Discipline - Dealing With The Disorderly" - (That Their Souls Might Be Saved) -Withdrawing fellowship from those who walk disorderly is a command of the Lord, but what does that mean? How should the faithful view and treat those who have been withdrawn from? These are not easy questions, but they are important questions – and the Bible gives us the answers.(Text examined: Matthew 18:15-17; 1 Corinthians 5:1-13; 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15; Galatians 6:1,2).-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF/VIDEO- 3/17/2013

"What Must I Do To Be Saved?"- When you ask the majority of religious leaders this question you will get several different answers and most of the time the wrong answer. This is the MOST important question anyone could ever ask? So isn't it REALLY important to get the right answer? The right answer can ONLY be found in the Bible - so what answer does the Bible give? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF/VIDEO- 2/17/2013

"I Would Be Happy If . . ."- (Upon What Does Your Happiness Depend?)- Happiness is something we all desire - but too many are looking for it in all the wrong places! What is happiness? What brings about unhappiness? How can we achieve true happiness? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 1/20/2013

"Politics of Pilgrims"- What role, if any should Christians play in ourgovernment? Do we understand the the implications & obligations of being citizens of heaven? (Phili 3:17-4:1) -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/11/2012


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