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August 13, 2017

“Does God STILL Hate Divorce?”—(Malachi 2:13-16)—Marriage is currently under assault & Lightly esteemed!The FAMILY, as God designed it, is in serious trouble in TODAY’s world! Does culturalacceptance or practice change God’s mind or will on the matter? Why does God hate divorce? -- AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 8/13/2017

"Being Ready For The Day of The Lord”(1 Thessalonians 5:1-11)—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 8/13/2017

Other Recent Lessons

“The Half Was Not Told Me”—(1 Kings 10:7)— 1) Solomon as a type of Christ, 2) Some things are beyond our ability to currently understand, 3) The desire to know more, 4) the problem and danger of half truths – AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 8/6/2017

Gospel Meeting —David Brown

“The Church In An Age of Crisis”—It is NOT easy holding firm to the truth and remaining faithful to Christ in today's moral or religious climate. Paul's second epistle to Timothy provides us with the principles and encouragement needed to withstand the onslaught of an ungodly world. – AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 7/30/2017

“The Comfort of Christ’s Coming”—(First Thessalonians 4:13-18) –PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 7/30/2017

“Lessons From The Book of Job”—Choosing Faith in the Midst of Trials. What kind of man was Job? What was God's opinion of Job? What are some lessons we can learn from this amazing book about God? Satan? Trials? Ourselves? ... – AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 7/16/2017

“Plea For Purity & Increased Love”—(First Thessalonians 3:11-4:12) – AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 7/16/2017

“What Is My Attitude ...”—Our ATTITUDE determines how we view others & things.Do we understand the importance of a “godly” attitude –Our attitude is chosen –We cannot change the fact bad things happen – people will treat us badly – we will face negative circumstances, but, we decide & determine how we view them & how we respond – AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 7/9/2017

“Suffering For Christ”—(First Thessalonians 2:14-3:10) – AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 7/9/2017

“The Most Dangerous Sin”—What is the "Sin unto death" in 1 John 5:16?What is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit in Matthew 12:31,32?Can one go so far away from God that He will not take them back?If so, where is that line?—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 7/2/2017

“The Power of God’s Grace”—(Romans 7:1-8:17)— The Gospel of Christ Delivers From The Curse of The Law & The Guilt of Sin. —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 6/25/2017

“The Dangers of Religious Progressiveness”—(2 John 9) Speaker: Wilton Wesley —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE— 6/25/2017

“Dealing With Sin”—(1 Samuel 15; Romans 6:1-23; Colossians 3:5-9)— Some wrongways to deal with sin & the ONLY way to deal with sin. —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 6/18/2017

“Effectual Reception of God’s Word”—(1 Thessalonians 2:13-16) —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 6/18/2017

“Overcoming Obstacles To Our Prayers”—(1 Peter 3:7) —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 6/11/2017

“Effective SpiritualLeadership”—(1 Thessalonians 2:1-12) - —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 6/11/2017

“There Is No Excuse For Our Excuses”—(Luke 9:57-62)— The difference between an EXCUSE and a REASON.No excuse will be acceptable!—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 6/4/2017

“Uncertain Sounds”—(1Corinthians 14:6-12) - Paul emphasizes the needfor accuracy, uniformity, harmony, distinction & clarity in teaching. These things are the product of the truth. In contrast, what is produced when the teachings of men corrupt the message we preach?AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 5/28/2017

“The Need For Parents To Train Their Children”—(Proverbs 1:8-19) -The Negative Influence of The Wicked — Brent Sharp— AUDIO— 5/28/2017

“They Watched Him Closely”—(That They Might Accuse Him -Mark 3:2)— The destructive & wicked effects of A hyper-critical spirit & how to overcome & defeat it —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 5/21/2017

“Thessalonica - How The Reception of The Gospel Affected Them”—(1Thes. 1:1-10) —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 5/21/2017

“Caleb Followed The Lord Fully”—(Joshua 14:14) —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 5/14/2017

“Thessalonica, An Introduction" —(The first lesson in a study of a working, loving and hopeful church) —AUDIO/KEYNOTE/ PPT/PDF— 5/14/2017

“For Love’s Sake”—(Lessons From The Book of Philemon)—Paul wrote this letter to Philemon to encourage him to receive back Onesimus, one of his slaves, who had run away to Rome, where he was converted to Christ by Paul.The major lessons we learn from this short letter are the need for, forgiveness, reconciliation & redemption.—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 5/7/2017

“Give Your Whole Heart To God" —(Wilton Wesley) —AUDIO/ PPT— 4/30/2017

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ”—(Karl VanDevender) —AUDIO/ PPT— 5/7/2017

“Troublers of Israel”—Many troubled Israel from the outside (Egypt, Assyria, Syria, Philistines, Hittites, Edomites, Moabites, Amelekites, Midianites, etc.)BUT - No external enemy could harm Israel ‘IF’ they were faithful to God!Their greatest troublers were from ‘WITHIN’ — The church also has those who trouble it. Are we troublers or helpers of spiritual Israel? -- AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 4/23/2017

“Since You Were Raised With Christ”—The significance of the resurrection of Christ in the life of the Christian. 1) The things of Chrsit MUST become our number one priority - 2) We must die to all ungodliness, 3) We must live for God by following and imitating Jesus, 4) We must worship in spirit & truth, 5) We must be obedient in word & deed —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 4/16/2017

“An Examination of The AD 70 Doctrine”— (What It Is / Why It’s Wrong) -(What It Is & Why IT’s Wrong)—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 4/16/2017

“Self-Centered or God-Centered”— The Pervasive Sin of Selfishness -(Carnal or spiritual - Your choice)— Do we realize that selfishness is exceedingly sinful - A self-centered heart alienates us from God and others. It is destructive to our religion, relationships and our soul. Are we self-centered or God-centered? This lesson examines the effects of carnality on the church in Corinth with current application —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 4/9/2017

“The Law of Exclusion”— Walking By Faith -What is OUR attitude towards the need to establish authority for all that we do? Is the NT the ONLY source for our faith, teaching & practice? If we add to or take away from the teaching of the NT, are we walking by faith? If we do only those things we know are authorized in the NT, how confident can we be that we are doing what is right?—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 4/9/2017

“It’s All About Me”— The Pervasive Sin of Selfishness -(Selected Scriptures)—We live in a "Me First" culture - Radical individualism, where my rights and actions should be granted and accepted regardless of how they affect others, has become "normal." Do we realize that selfishness is exceedingly sinful - A self-centered heart alienates us from God and others. It is destructive to our religion, relationships and our soul. Are we self-centered or God-centered?—AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 4/2/2017

“The Patience of Christ”—(2 Thessalonians 3:1-5)— What is Patience? How important is it for us to LEARN to be patient? How can we learn to be patient? AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 3/26/2017

“Being Zealous For Good Works”—(Titus 2:11-15)— What would you say is the biggest problem facing the church? If you were honest with yourself, could you say you were aszealous as you ought to be? What is Zeal? Can zeal be bad? — What are we most enthusiastic about? Where are our affections and values directed? AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 3/19/2017

“The Kind of Preaching That Pleases God”—(Successful Preachers in The Bible)— When it come to“preaching,” most measure success VERY differently from how God measures it! Most people are advocates of style over substance, smiles instead of rebuke, embelished emotional storys rather than scripture, compromise without the bold proclamation of truth. This lesson will challenge how most people view preachers & preaching. —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 3/12/2017

“The Nature of Saving FAITH”(3)(Romans 10:1-18) The Bible is clear that all who are saved are saved through FAITH. The question under consideration in this study is“When Does Faith Save?”— Romans 10:9 & 10state that one must cofess with their mouth & believe in their heart UNTO salvation / righteousness. Verse 13 says that "whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." SO when we answer the question,“what does it mean to call upon the name of the Lord?” we will have the answer to WHEN FAITH SAVES. —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF— 3/5/2017

“The Nature of Saving FAITH”(2)(Romans 3:19-5:5) In Romans 4 Paul is contrasting two opposing SYSTEMS,“FAITH & WORKS.” The“works” system cannot save a sinner because it demands perfection - and no amount of work can undo the sinners sin. The“Faith”system on the other hand implements forgiveness through Jesus thus providing justification on the grounds of God’s grace. Abraham was justified by the system of faith, not by the system of perfect Law keeping. But what kind of FAITH does the system of faith require? What KIND of FAITH did Abraham Have? —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 2/26/2017

“The Nature of Saving FAITH”(Hebrews 11:1-40; James 2:14-24; Romans 4:13-25) The Bible speaks of different kinds of faith. There is only one kind of faith that saves us.The only viable faith is the faith that obeys God! —What KIND of FAITH did Abraham Have? —What kind of FAITH do you have? —AUDIO/ PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 2/19/2017

“Who Am I Living For?”-(Have We Sufficiently Destroyed Our Sinful Past?)—(Galatians 2:11-21) We are all living“for someone”— Our actions speak louder than our words! - PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 2/12/2017

“Christ Is, Therefore We Are …”-(2 Corinthians 3:16-18) What Does It Really Mean To Be A CHRISTIAN? What does it mean to follow Jesus? Are we striving to follow Jesus’ example when it comes to sacrificial service? Love? Respect for the scriptures? Hating sin & loving righteousness? This lesson also examines what it means to be a Christian from the perspective of Christ’s position of authority as King of kings and Lord of lords and His priesthood. --AUDIO/AUDIOPART 2/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 1/29/2017

“Joseph - A Type of Christ”-(Genesis 37:1-50:26) A Common Predetermination /A Common Rejection / A Common Humiliation / A Common Injustice / A Common Exaltation / A Common Grace / Mercy /A Common Purpose / --AUDIO/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 1/22/2017

“Wrestling With God”-(Genesis 32:22-32) Jacob wrestles all night with a stranger - this marks a turning point in Jacob’s life! what lessons did Jacob learn? What lessons can we learn? (these lessons can change your life as well) —AUDIO/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 1/15/2017

“God’s Expectations of Me As A Member of This Local Church?”-(Acts 2:42-47) —AUDIO/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 1/8/2017

“Living A Spirit Filled Life" -[Romans8:12-17; Ephesians 5:15-21]— Clearly the Bible teaches that the Holy Spiirit indwells, influences and leads the child of God. The question is how does the Bible, (the Holy Spirit’s revelation) tell us He does it. —AUDIO PART 1/AUDIO PART 2/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 12/25/2016

“Your Destiny, Your Decision" -[Deut. 30:15-20; Mat. 7:13,14]—There are but two ways, two destinies - 1) Eternal Life or 2) Eternal Death, [seperation from God]. There are but two responses to our options, 1) belief & obedience, or 2) unbelief and rebellion.Our Decision To Follow God (or Not) Affects EVERY Other Decision We Make.Wise Decision Making Is In Direct Correlation To The Degree In Which We Respect, Love, & Trust God & Understand His Revealed Will. —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 12/18/2016

“Satan’s Plan For You" -[John 10:10; Luke 22:31,32; 1 Peter 5:8]— Satan is a thief, a murderer, and destroyer. How does Satan attempt to accomplish his objectives? What can we do to overcome and defeat Satan in our lives? —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 12/11/2016

“The Problem of Under-Reaction" -[James 4:17; Prov. 24:10-12; 1 Samuel 2:13-3:21; Rev 2:12-29; 3:14-22; Mat 25:14-31]—Just as it is NEVER right to do the wrong thing, it is NEVER right NOT to do the right thing. Sins of omission are just as sinful as sins of commission. Why do we fail to do things we know we should? How can we overcome our shortcomings? —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/27/2016

“The Problem of Overreaction" -[Acts 21:27-36]—Overreaction to any problem will always make the problem worse! This lesson examines the cause of overreacting and provides Biblical solutions to the problem. —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/20/2016

“Striving Together For The Faith" -[Phili 1:19-30]-Is OUR conduct worthy of the gospel?-Are we standing as firm & strong in the Lord as we should?-Are we working hard TOGETHER?- Are we willing To suffer for the truth?-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/13/2016

“How To Be A Godly Wife & Mother" -[Selected Scriptures] The key term in the title of this lesson is“GODLY.” Wives & mothers desperately need to return to God’s word and accept the role & duties God has placed upon them. — MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 10/16/2016

“How To Be A Godly Husband & Father" -[Selected Scriptures] The key term in the title of this lesson is“GODLY.” Husbands & fathers desperately need to return to God’s word and accept the responsibilities God has placed upon us. — MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 10/9/2016

“The Tower of Babel" -[When Unity Is Wrong] - (Genesis 11:1-9) — MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 10/2/2016

“The Relevancy of The Old Paths" -(Jeremiah 6:10-20) -ONLY IF we obey the Lord and stay within the revealed pattern will we find rest for our souls! MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 09/4/2016

“Fruit of The Distracted Saint" -(2 Corinthians 5:1-11) -Could it be we are so busy “here and there” that we do not TAKE the time & effort needed for genuine spiritual growth? —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 08/28/2016

“The Danger of Misplaced Trust" - (Be Careful Who You Trust!) -Both cynicism & gullibility can prevent us from knowing the truth!—The cynic has difficulty trusting those who tell them about God.—The gullible are susceptible to believing anything anyone tells them about God. The scriptures warn us not to place our trust in men! We should only place our faith in God’s word -God’s word should be our ONLY standard for all we believe, teach & practice. We MUST examine everything we are taught or think in the light of God’s word!—MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 06/26/2016

“Rising Above Cynicism" - (Selected scriptures) - It is easy to become cynical these days. In fact, some think cynicism is a virtue - but have we stopped to really think that cynicism is actually a warning sign that something very wrong could be happening within us spiritually? —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 06/12/2016

“The Unchangeable Word of God" - (Selected scriptures) There have been many enemies & sceptics of the Bible - but what are some ways men who CLAIM to believe the Bible have tried to change it? —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 05/29/2016

“Modest Apparel" - (Do These Clothes Make Me LookGODLY?) Does The Bible Give Guidelines On How Christians Should Dress? Yes it does. —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 05/22/2016

“What Is God’s Purpose For My Life?" - (Selected Scriptures)— The godly person desires to please God, to know His will, and will strive to fulfill God’s purpose for them. The question is, what is that purpose?Many have false concepts when it comes to this subject, so we examine a few of them. So what is the Biblical answer to the question?Join us as we study the scriptures so we can KNOW what God’s purpose for our life is? —MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 05/15/2016

“The Demands of Grace”- (Titus 2:1-15) - There are few, if any, Bible doctrines abused and perverted more than the doctrine of grace. Join us as we examine what the Bible actually teaches about the“grace of God.” Any teaching about grace that diminishes the authority of Christ and the essentiality of our obedience to Him is a perversion of the truth. Grace does NOT give the Christian a license to sin or live any way he wishes. Grace has demands. Grace demands faith in Jesus, repentance toward Jesus and obedience to Jesus. -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 04/24/2016

“Times, They Are Changing”-(The State & Direction of Modern "Professed Christianity") How should We Respond? - (2 Tim 3:1-5; 4:1-5)- MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 02/21/2016

“The Baptism That Saves -[Mark 16:16; 1 Peter 3:21] - What does the term baptism mean? To what does it refer in the various passages where it is found in the New Testament? What is the baptism of the great commission? What is the one baptism to which Paul refers in Ephesians 4:5? How does baptism“ ave us?” These are some of the questions we will seek to give Bible answers to in this lesson. - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 01/17/2016

“OvercomingDisappointment, Frustration & Discouragement”-[1 Kings 19:1-18; Hebrews 12:1-5,12-15] -Disappointments & frustrations are a part of life & becoming discouraged is something every Christian experiences. - Why do we become discouraged? What perspective is needed? What qualities & characteristics must I develop within myself? What are some practical steps to take that will help guard my heart from becoming discouraged?Is It Possible I Am The One Who Needs To Change? This is a lesson most all of us can benefit from – I pray that it is an encouragement to you. - MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/22/2015

“The Lord’s church in an 'Experience Driven Culture'”-[John 6:60-69] -As churches decline in membership, they begin to compromise to sustain numbers - Many churches have adopted the "market driven" approach – i.e., Find out what people want and give it to them - WHAT EVER THAT IS!—Many churches of Christ are doing the same things!Can the church fight apathy and materialism by feeding people's carnal appetites?Has the word of God lost it’s power & effectiveness? What should the churches response be to the populace and its increasing hunger for an “experience” & disinterest in the truth? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 5/17/2015

“Saved Like Noah"-[Baptism also now saves us … 1 Peter 3:18-22] - Many strive to explain the apostle Peter’s words in the above text in ways that negate that which he affirms. This study is a detailed examination of this text—1) what is meant by the type / antitype construction of verses 20 and 21? —2) What does Peter mean when he says,“baptism also now saves us?”—3) What is the meaning of the parenthetical phrase "(not the removal of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God)? - I realize many may disagree with the conclusions we have reached, but I pray that all will prayerfully and sincerely consider this study and accept that which is the truth. (If anyone has any questions about this lesson, or other materials on this site - please contact me - DM) -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 4/23/2015

Can We Trust The Text of The New Testament?”- [The Reliability of The New Testament Text] -Has The NT Text Been Corrupted?Can we know that the NT we have is the same as it was when written?Historically there have been MANY enemies of the scriptures. The onslaught has escalated in our day. With the aid of technology,skeptics have saturated academia & the internet with false & skewed information. With the growing militance of the modern skeptic, and the rise of atheism & agnosticism, this kind of study is crucial - especially for younger people who have yet to develop a strong faith in God & His word.-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 8/31/2014

“Identifying A Scriptural Local Church"- (Selected Scriptures)- Far too many fail to make this their primary criteria when looking for a congregation to worship & work with. A scriptural local church can be identified because it follows the New Testament pattern. In order to identify a scriptural church, we MUSTsearch the scriptures that we may know what the NT church looks like. - What was it called? What did it teach? How was it organized? How did it worship? What did it practice?-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 4/13/2014

“Divine Providence In The Life of Todays Christian"- (Selected Scriptures)-Problems are a part of life and how one handles these problems is related to his view of God. Believing in divine providence helps one to cope with the vicissitudes of life.The word itself never appears in Holy Scripture in reference to God, (Acts 24:1), but the concept is found Throughout the Bible. This lesson examines what the Bible teaches about this important subject. -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 3/9/2014

“Worshipping God In Spirit & In Truth”- (John 4:19-26)- What does Jesus mean when he says,“those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth?”Most suggest that it means,“with the right attitude and proper form.” Whie this is true - I want to suggest that there is more involved in the meaning than this.-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 1/26/2014

“Godly Living In Perilous Times"- (2 Timothy 1:3-4:18)-Can any Bible believer doubt that we are living in perilous times? Atheism, Agnosticism, Postmodernism, Pragmatism, Worldliness, False Doctrine & Division are all on the rise! Let us consider seven exhortations from Paul which will help and encourage us to be faithful! -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 1/12/2014

"Why Does God Allow Christians To Suffer?"-The unbelieving critic often asks this question as an argument against God: “Why would a God who is all-good & loving, all-knowing, and all-powerful allow bad things to happen to good people?” However, the question may also be asked in sincerity: “How could God let this happen to me and to mine, why would God not stop this pain and help me?” This lesson examines the question and gives scriptural answers -MP3/KEYNOTE/PPT/PDF-(8/18/2013)

"Church Discipline - Dealing With The Disorderly" - (That Their Souls Might Be Saved) -Withdrawing fellowship from those who walk disorderly is a command of the Lord, but what does that mean? How should the faithful view and treat those who have been withdrawn from? These are not easy questions, but they are important questions – and the Bible gives us the answers.(Text examined: Matthew 18:15-17; 1 Corinthians 5:1-13; 2 Thessalonians 3:6-15; Galatians 6:1,2).-MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF/VIDEO- 3/17/2013

"What Must I Do To Be Saved?"- When you ask the majority of religious leaders this question you will get several different answers and most of the time the wrong answer. This is the MOST important question anyone could ever ask? So isn't it REALLY important to get the right answer? The right answer can ONLY be found in the Bible - so what answer does the Bible give? -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF/VIDEO- 2/17/2013

"Politics of Pilgrims"- What role, if any should Christians play in ourgovernment? Do we understand the the implications & obligations of being citizens of heaven? (Phili 3:17-4:1) -MP3/PPT/KEYNOTE/PDF- 11/11/2012


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